L'orée du Bois





Malempré is a part of Manhay, commune of Belgium located in the Walloon Region in the province of Luxembourg.

In the northwest of the town, the influence is felt "faménienne": the shape of the building (roof croupette volume) and the technique used: timber filled with bricks now give a very different character to the villages.

Coniferous and deciduous forest cover 60% of municipal territory: it is localized on the high peaks and steep slopes, particularly on developing the north-facing slopes (shady). Moreover, the allocation is the dominant grass, it is still sometimes enclosed by hedges. Here and there clumps of trees and groves dot the landscape offer few extremes which takes almost looks like a grove Breton.

Observe the habitants of our forests in the wild. As you cross the Ardennes forest strewn Malempré, you'll meet a herd of deer, wild boar and wild boars, lynx, foxes, raccoons, squirrels, beavers ... The success of a great getaway air with your family or group.